'Also called "the god of the appropriate moment”

He represents all those inspired moments of beauty

insight and decisiveness that make life special. 

 Kairos: Joke Hermsen.

De foto’s zijn gemaakt in: 

China, Egypte, India, Nederland, Italië, Mexico, Spanje, Roemenië, Thailand, Ukraine, Tsjechië, USA, USSR, UK, Syrie,  Duitsland

Theo Derksen photography. 



Theo’s new book wil be printed in november 2023 

'Also called "the god of the appropriate moment”

He represented all those inspired moments of beauty, insight and decisiveness that make life special. 

An appropriate response to the coincidences and opportunities that present themselves to us now. The creative potential is expressed in the attention and readiness for that new possibility and in the personal or subjective experience of time, which therefore also makes us more concerned with ourselves and manages to inflame the relationship between ourselves and others.


Een 80-tal zwartwit-foto’s samen met een tekst van Stef Van Bellingen vormen dit het fotoboek KAIROS.

De foto’s vormen de neerslag van 10 jaar fotografie met een analoge  middenformaatcamera……

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